Malletts Bay Diner, a community diner

Malletts Bay Diner eggs benedict

In a spot which has been a local Colchester Vermont institution since the 1980's (the Bayside Bakery & Diner, which closed last year), Malletts Bay once again has a diner & bakery where local people can get decent food at decent prices.

We moved to Colchester from the Pearl Street Diner, which itself had legacies from Doughboy's. In our new home, Pam Scanlon, with her partner Michael Niederer (from the Radio Deli), and longtime cook Sean Drumm (from the Oasis Diner and Sadie Katz Deli) blend and continue all these great legacies - donuts, cookies, brownies, perfect eggs benedict of all kinds, homemade corned beef hash, the best homefries, big tasty egg muffins, fresh roasted turkey dinners, real Philly cheesesteaks, great meatball subs, sweet BBQ pulled chicken grinders, Pam's mac-and-cheese and Thursday meatloaf dinners.

Growing anew is going to be great, and we finally got open the second week of June 2017. We love our new neighborhood, and welcome old & new friends from all over. If you are visiting in the Burlington area and want "good food at a good price", we are your place.

Malletts Bay Diner specializes in breakfast all day, including Pearl Street Diner seats

  • Homemade corned beef hash
  • Over six kinds of eggs benedict
  • House made sausage biscuits and gravy
  • Fluffy pancakes with batter from scratch
  • Bottomless cups of Vermont Coffee Company Coffee
We also do catering. We list our weekend specials on Facebook